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Global Ingress

Create the cluster

Set some variables

export PROJECT=$(whoami)-$(date +%y%m%d)-ingress
export BILLING=00AA00-111111111-0000000

Create the project (optional)

gcloud projects create ${PROJECT}
gcloud beta billing projects link ${PROJECT} --billing-account=${BILLING}

gcloud config set project ${PROJECT}

Enable some APIs

gcloud service-management enable \
gcloud service-management enable \
gcloud service-management enable \

Create the DNS Zone to be used gcloud dns managed-zones create federation
--description "Kubernetes federation zone"
--dns-name ${DNS_ZONE}

Create clusters

gcloud container clusters create west-cluster \
  --zone us-west1-a \
  --cluster-version 1.7.5 \
  --scopes "cloud-platform,storage-ro,logging-write,monitoring-write,service-control,service-management,"

gcloud container clusters create east-cluster \
  --zone us-east1-b \
  --cluster-version 1.7.5 \
  --scopes  "cloud-platform,storage-ro,logging-write,monitoring-write,service-control,service-management,"

Workaround for RBAC error

gcloud config set container/use_client_certificate True

Get Credentials

gcloud container clusters get-credentials west-cluster --zone=us-west1-a

gcloud container clusters get-credentials east-cluster --zone=us-east1-b

Create aliases

We need shorter names that are compliant with a specific regex that happens to exclude underscores

kubectl config set-context east --cluster=gke_${PROJECT}_us-east1-b_east-cluster --user=gke_${PROJECT}_us-east1-b_east-cluster

kubectl config set-context west --cluster=gke_${PROJECT}_us-west1-a_west-cluster --user=gke_${PROJECT}_us-west1-a_west-cluster

Install and Join to kubefed

Here were using kubefed to initialize the federation using the "east" context

kubefed init kfed \
  --host-cluster-context=east \
  --dns-zone-name=${DNS_ZONE} \

kubectl config use-context kfed

The kfed context should be used for all federated deploys. You can inspect the various cluster independently but all actions should be performed on the federated context.

Join the clusters into the federation

Provide the contexts to the federation server to join in the clusters

kubefed --context=kfed join east-cluster \
  --cluster-context=east \

kubefed --context=kfed join west-cluster \
  --cluster-context=west \

Create the default namespace

kubectl --context=kfed create ns default

Review the clusters are joined

kubectl --context=kfed get clusters

Use the cluster

Create Global IP for the Ingress LoadBalancer

gcloud compute addresses create ingress-ip --global

Deploy to Cluster

git clone

cd global-k8s-ingress-with-gce-controller

kubectl apply -f deploy/app-with-context.yaml
kubectl apply -f deploy/simple-echo.yaml

kubectl apply -f deploy/ingress.yaml