Real-time Charging System for Telecom & ISP environments
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agents Add test for methods from RadiusDP Jul 20, 2018
apier Updating AttributeSv1 integration tests with MatchingProfiles Jul 19, 2018
cdrc Moving Poster into engine so we can free up guardian in utils Jul 1, 2018
cmd New config option - attributes.process_runs Jul 19, 2018
config New config option - attributes.process_runs Jul 19, 2018
console ChargerSv1.Ping implementation Jul 10, 2018
data Update Radius Jul 19, 2018
dispatcher Update integration test for attributes after last modify Jul 18, 2018
docs Docs correction for curl usage with cdr_http Jul 18, 2018
engine AttributeS - fix pointer Jul 20, 2018
general_tests Add Charger in apier and complete datamanager methods Jul 10, 2018
guardian Guardian logging keys which are timingout for locks Jul 1, 2018
loaders Fix error format in test Jul 18, 2018
migrator Attribute.Substitute as RSRFields and chargerS process event return [… Jul 18, 2018
packages Fix package for squezee Jun 29, 2018
scheduler DataDB -> DataManager Oct 9, 2017
servmanager Added print log for ApierV1.StopService, renamed options in cgr-loade… Apr 27, 2018
sessions Remove Create_CDR option from RadiusConfig Jul 19, 2018
structmatcher Updated project README, COPYRIGHT information Sep 2, 2016
utils RSRParser.RegexpMatched method Jul 20, 2018
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glide.lock Update glide.lock with new version of cgrates/mgo Jul 9, 2018
glide.yaml Added goconf in glide, updated cgr-loader with config_path flag fixes #… Apr 25, 2018 Finish tests for dispatcher and in Jun 12, 2018 Test return message in offline_tp Sep 13, 2017 update mongo storage driver Oct 7, 2015 Simplified locking for lrustore Aug 30, 2016

Real-time Online/Offline Charging System (OCS) for Telecom & ISP environments

Build Status


  • Real-time Online/Offline Charging System (OCS).
  • Account Balances Management with bundle support.
  • Session or Event charging with reservation.
  • Rating engine.
  • CDR logging with support for Interim Records.
  • QoS LCR and LCR over Bundles.
  • Fraud detection with automatic mitigation.
  • Call Statistics with pattern monitoring.
  • Performance oriented.
  • Modular architecture.
  • Test driven development.
  • Plug-able/non-intrusive into existing setups.
  • Cloud-ready, built on independent micro-services with rich set of RPC APIs.
  • Agile in developing new features.
  • Very fast (5000+ req/sec on a single machine)
  • Good documentation.
  • Commercial support available


Step by steps tutorials

Debian apt-get repository

Installing CGRateS from sources on minimal debian (for devel or testing)

Browsable HTML docs

PDF, Epub, Manpage

API reference godoc

Also check #cgrates (Webchat) and Google group for a more real-time support.