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Drip Drip Drop ==============

A simple, fast, Tiny Tiny RSS reader.

What is it?

A web client for Tiny Tiny Rss. It uses the JSON API to communiate with your tt-rss server.

I'm a big fan of keyboard shortcuts - coupled with the right reader they let me rip through a lot of feeds quickly. Some things are only possible via keyboard shortcuts at the moment, I might change that in the future.

You can see all of the shortcuts on the About screen.

DripDripDrop takes a lot of inspiration from Newsbeuter, and code and inspiration from Lim Chee Aun's HackerWeb.

Installation and Usage

You will need Tiny Tiny RSS installed on a machine.

  1. Grab the latest release.

  2. Untar the release on your server (for example tar xvf ddd-0.5.0.tgz).

  3. Copy ddd/assets/js/config-dist.js to ddd/assets/js/config.js.

  4. Edit the config.js and update the api to point to your ttrss-server's API end-point. This is usually something like /tt-rss/. For example if you get to ttrss by surfing to You should change the api to /path/to/tt-rss

Take a look at troubleshooting if you have problems.

  1. Profit!!! or at least read your feeds.

Current Features

  • when you mark a feed read, moves you back to the list of feeds instead of leaving you on a blank page
  • feed favicons with optional unread badge
  • link to original article
  • mark article read/unread
  • show unread / read
  • mark all read
  • add / remove new feeds
  • vimium style link navigation
  • special feeds, disabled by default. enable in settings
  • star articles

Technical Stuff

DripDripDrop works best on modern browsers. Mobile support is rough around the edges but improving. On Android I highly recommend Andrew Dolgov's client. DripDripDrop makes extensive use of localStorage to make performance snappy.

DripDripDrop is using:

  • Hogan.js - logic-less templating
  • ruto.js - location.hash router
  • min.js - a tiny library for modern browsers
  • Vimium - for link highlighting
  • Tinycon - favicon badge
  • iOS



Node.js is required


git clone
cd dripdripdrop
npm install -g grunt-cli
npm install
cp assets/js/config-dist.js assets/js/config.js
node make-templates.js
grunt concat:libs

Then have your local server serve up the dripdripdrop directory

Contributing and Feedback

Feel free to fork, file some issues or email me.


Licensed under the MIT License.

Other similar apps

This is not the first third-party client for Tiny Tiny RSS. There are many others and more all the time.

What Google giveth, Google will taketh away.


A simple, fast, Tiny Tiny RSS reader






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