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Easy ones

Let's get the easy ones out of the way first

  1. Did you copy config-dist.js to config.js?
  2. Did you edit your config.js and add the correct path to the api?
  3. Did you enable API access for each user that plans on using ddd?
  • in Tiny Tiny RSS open the preferences by navigating to Actions -> Preferences
  • Make sure the Enable API access checkbox is selected

Checking api

Let's check the api you used - here are a few ways to debug it:

a) you should be able to directly surf to the API end-point in your browser to make sure that API access is enabled and that you know the URL.

  1. Confirm that you can get to your main TTRSS page, something like

  2. Confirm that you can surf to You should see something like this in your browser {"seq":null,"status":1,"content":{"error":"NOT_LOGGED_IN"}}

  3. If all that works your config.js should use `api: /path/to/tt-rss/'

b) debug with Chrome Developer Tools - check the network and console tab

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