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title: An Introduction to List Comprehensions in Python
category: [Python]
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@@ -106,8 +106,8 @@ Neat, clear and concise.
h2. Loops of loops.
-Finally, it's worth mentioning that lists can be nested
-in list comprehensions.
+Finally, it's worth mentioning that you can use list comprehensions
+to iterate on more than one list. For example:
{% highlight python %}
>>> list_a = ['A', 'B']
@@ -117,8 +117,16 @@ in list comprehensions.
{% endhighlight %}
Just like you would expect in @for@ loops, the last
-loop moves the fastest. Also note that using nested list
-comprehensions returns a list of @tuples@.
+loop moves the fastest. Also note that this method returns
+a list of @tuples@. If you'd like nested lists, you can
+also nest one list comprehension within another.
+{% highlight python %}
+>>> list_a = ['A', 'B']
+>>> list_b = ['C', 'D']
+>>> [[x+y for x in list_a] for y in list_b]
+[['AC', 'BC'], ['AD', 'BD']]
+{% endhighlight %}
h2. Summary.

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