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Want to hear from us on internship and employment opportunities? Submit your information here:

We have 2 internships we are looking to fill:

3D Design Intern:

Creative Technologist Intern:

Here's a list of resources to help jump start a hackathon project leveraging free tools.

Technical Resources

Design Tools - Create wireframes - Create high fidelity designs

AR/VR Tools - Get started in AR quickly. Use Vuforia App to view your AR experience without having to deploy your own app./break - Build custom AR apps for iOS and Android devices using the Vuforia plugin for Unity3D. Supports cylinder targets (I.e. label on a wine bottle) in addition to 2D image targets (I.e. a coaster). Vuforia Engine is one of the most widely deployed AR platforms - Create AR experiences in Wikitude Studio and then view them using the Wikitude App. Uploading a marker image and dropping a video clip on it is a quick, code-free way to build your first AR experience. - Create AR apps and deploy them to a variety of platforms. Supports object and scene recognition in addition to image recognition. Wikitude has SDKs for several mobile and desktop platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, Unity, Xamarin, Titanium, etc. - Another platform that enables quick, low or no code AR development. Zapworks offers their Studio tool for more advanced interactions with scripting, and their Designer and Widget tools targeted at beginners. AR experiences can be deployed and viewed via their Zappar AR app for iOS and Android or you can build your own custom app. - Facebook's low code AR platform. Experiences are focused on social media. - Snapchat's low code AR platform. Similar to Spark AR, this platform is targeted at social media engagement.

Voice Tools - Amazon's Alexa development platform. Alexa skills can be built with little or no code using this platform. More advanced skills can be developed using AWS Lambda functions to provide fulfillment of user intents. A product locator skill might call out to a product API to get the location of a product based on the user's input for example. - Amazon's no-code skill development platform for Alexa. - AWS Lex is similar to Alexa but provides a more bare-bones natural language API that supports platforms other than Echo devices such as web sites, Facebook Messenger, Slack, and Twilio SMS. - Build Actions for Google Assistant with little or no-code. Leverage Google Cloud functions to author more advanced skills (similar to AWS Lambda functions). DialogFlow also supports integrations with several chat platforms including Cortana, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Twilio, Cisco Spark, etc. - Text to speech conversion in multiple voices.

Computer Vision - Amazon's image and video analysis platform. Rekognition provides: Object/scene/activity detection, facial recognition, facial analysis (including emotion), movement pathing, celebrity recognition, and text in image detection. Rekognition can't be customized to detect a particular brands but it does quite a bit out of the box including detecting some foods. - Microsoft's Computer Vision API. Detect objects, text, celebrities, landmarks, generate thumbnails. - Microsoft's Face API. Detect if two faces match, detect emotion, age, etc. - Makes it easy to create computer vision models that can detect brands, logos, etc. - Google's vision APIs

Machine Learning - Amazon Sagemaker

CBI Resources

**All sites for consumers at least 21 years of age

• Product Catalog

• Media Assets (Images, Videos, product information):

Select Beer Brand Sites

• Modelo Especial, Modelo Negra, Modelo Chelada: - Key partnership: UFC

• Corona Extra, Corona Light, Corona Premier: - Key partnerships: Jimmy V Foundation (Basketball), Tony Romo (Football)

• Pacifico: - Key partnerships: X-Games, US Ski & Snowboard Team

• Ballast Point

Select Spirits Brand Sites

• Svedka

• High West

• Casa Noble

• Mi Campo

Select Wine Brand Sites

• Kim Crawford

• Meiomi

• Robert Mondavi

• Ruffino

• The Prisoner Wine Company

• Cooper & Thief

• Black Box - Wine recommendations & food pairings

Hackathon Challenge

Best Constellation Brands Consumer Experience

Help consumers aged 21+ interact with lovable brands in unique ways with creative use of an emerging technology (AR/VR, AI, IOT, Blockchain, etc.). Your innovation could support learning about wine at a restaurant, or a fun experience with the X Games leveraging Pacifico's partnership. Let your creative juices flow and create a fun and engaging experience for consumers of Constellation Brands products.

Sample Project Ideas

  • Augmented Reality Tasting - guides user through a wine, beer or spirits tasting
  • Cocktail Recipe Guide
  • Augmented or Virtual Reality with brand partnerships - US ski team skiier skis down the side of a Pacifico bottle, virtual reality destination to a beach chair on a tropical beach with a Corona on the beach chair
  • Create a custom label and view it in AR
  • Voice skill to talk to coach on game day (Corona football promotion)
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