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Sublime Text plugin for javascript minification using Google Closure compiler
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compilers adds regex import to compiler classes. #15
.gitignore initial code import
Default (Linux).sublime-keymap
Default (OSX).sublime-keymap
Default (Windows).sublime-keymap
Default.sublime-commands added the ability to write minified source to a separate file. updates
Main.sublime-menu updated path to settings
Minifier.sublime-settings more documentation for optimization levels open on minify, added to options added some docs for the new key binding.

A Javascript Minifier for Sublime Text 2

The plugin supports the Google Closure Compiler and UglifyJS compilers.

Default key binding: ctrl + alt + m - attempts to minify the current buffer and replaces the buffers content ctrl + alt + shift + m - attempts to minify the current buffer and saves the output to a separate file.

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