Feature Request : "Minify on save" #20

WilliamVercken opened this Issue Jan 22, 2014 · 1 comment

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Hi !

I here to request an option : is it possible to minify a script.js to script.min.js when we are saving the original file (script.js) ?
Something like "minify_on_save": false, by default.

Each time I modify a file, I have to save it (ctr + s) and then to minify it (ctr + p , "min", enter). It's a waste of time, and sometimes I forget to do it...

Thank you very much for your answer (positive or negative) ! :)


I didn't thought about the case when there already is a .min.js file minify by another tool, or when we just don't want to have a minified file added...

We can have an optio "save_on_minify": false, (the inverse) : each time I minify a js, it automatically save the original.

It not a great saved time, but it less handling... :)

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