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Angular Velocity

AngularJS ngAnimate integration for the Velocity animation library's UI pack plugin.

Getting Started

Install with Bower

bower install angular-velocity --save

Include Scripts

<script src="bower_components/velocity/velocity.min.js"></script>
<script src="bower_components/velocity/velocity.ui.min.js"></script>
<script src="bower_components/angular-velocity/angular-velocity.min.js"></script>

N.B. angular-velocity assumes that the Angular core and the additional ngAnimate module is loaded. ngAnimate can be found in the AngularJS 'additional modules'.

Install with npm

npm install angular-velocity --save

Include Scripts

<script src="node_modules/angular-velocity/angular-velocity.min.js"></script>

N.B. When installing from npm, it is assumed that VelocityJS will be installed and loaded before Angular Velocity.

N.B. angular-velocity assumes that the Angular core and the additional ngAnimate module is loaded. ngAnimate can be found in the AngularJS 'additional modules'.

Declare Angular Dependency

angular.module('your-app', ['angular-velocity']);


This module declares Angular animations for each of the animations in the UI pack of Velocity following a standardised naming convention.

From Velocity, the period in a transition or callout name is replaced by a hyphen. For example, transition.slideUpIn becomes velocity-transition-slideUpIn.

This animation name is then used as a class name on any element you want to animate with the ngAnimate system, for example:

<div class="velocity-transition-slideUpIn" ng-show="someCondition">
	I've been animated with Velocity and Angular!


Angular Velocity defines opposite animations for all animations that have a 'directional' component. For every 'In' transition, there is an opposite 'Out' transition that can be used.

These are defined with the prefix velocity-opposites- and will work with ngAnimate's enter & leave, and ngShow & ngHide.

For example:

<div ng-view class="velocity-opposites-transition-slideUpIn">
	I enter with a transition.slideUpIn.<br>
	I leave with a transition.slideDownOut.

Different Enter & Leave Animations

Angular Velocity defines an enter animation for every 'In' transition, and a leave animation for every 'Out' transition.

These are defined with the prefixes velocity-enter- and velocity-leave-, which work with ngEnter & ngShow, and ngLeave & ngHide respectively.

For example:

<div ng-view class="velocity-enter-transition-slideRightIn velocity-leave-transition-slideDownOut">
	I enter with a transition.slideRightIn.<br>
	I leave with a transition.slideDownOut.

You do not have to use an enter and a leave transition, they are independednt and you can specify them separaetly if desired.

Velocity Options

Setting Velocity options is possible by defining the data-velocity-opts attribute on your animated element. This is an Angular-aware expression, so you can pass objects, bindings, or references to scope objects:

    data-velocity-opts="{ duration: 5000 }">
	I've been animated with Velocity and Angular!


Staggering is supported for ngEnter and ngLeave animations. This works especially well with ngRepeat:

	    data-velocity-opts="{ stagger: 350 }"
	    ng-repeat="item in items">
		{{ item }}

Complete Function

The Velocity complete callback can be passed in the options and will be executed against your element's scope in a digest cycle.


Please feel free to fork, push, pull and all that other good Git stuff!


uglifyjs angular-velocity.js -c -m -r '$,angular' --source-map -o angular-velocity.min.js


This project is not associated officially with either AngularJS or Velocity. It is just a little utility that was quickly thrown together to bridge an animation-shaped gap.


  • @albertogasparin for allowing registration of custom transitions after script load time
  • @MikaAK for jQuery dependency removal
  • @tvararu for updates to work with Velocity 1.x
  • @rosslavery for an example of how to access UI pack animations
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