Plugin to control Philipps hue bulbs
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Plugin to control Philipps hue bulbs


You need to create an user on your bridge to use this plugin. See the hue developer programm for details how to do this.

plugins section:

  "plugin": "hue",
  "username": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
  "host": ""

devices section:

  "id": "hueBulb1",
  "class": "HueBulb",
  "name": "My first bulb",
  "hueId": 1

hueId is the ID of the bulb on the bridge. If you start pimatic with debug turned on the plugin will output all bulbs with their IDs.


This plugin is beta and work in progress. At the moment you can only control the brightness and the on/off state of your bulbs. As I don't own any color bulbs yet I'm unable to test code for controlling the color.