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Welcome to Piconet

Piconet is a content collection of Free and Open materials generated and built by a community of like minded people to enhance the learning and living experience. The proposed content is currently:

Gutenberg Project OpenStreetMaps And a BUNCH of funny cat videos! (and other stuff)

Be a part of this Community love! <3

Why should the definitive content server be the brainchild of a few people who censor!!! This is a terrible idea. We, as a community, can stand up and stop this censorship!!!!

Please help me create an offline content server to place in schools with no internet or limited internet. We are looking for:

Content Suggestions Product Design suggestions - Currently Pi based. Should we have a lite and full version? Client application suggestions Any other assistance would be great too. Please OPEN an ISSUE!!!

For decades we have been compiling and creating free content. Now... is the time to distribute this content to the world. Many people have 0 internet access. They still live without content. Some of these people are hungry and curious for content. Let's take what we've built and APPLY it!


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