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Avocado baseline

Wanna start making games?

This is the easiest way to dive right into making games with avocado!

If you have no idea what you're doing, you should probably check out the Avocado demos project first! :)

You're going to at least need Node.js and Grunt.

If you want to support modern HTML5 capable browsers, that's all you need! However, if you'd like to run your game application natively, you will need node-webkit.


First get the source either by cloning this repository or downloading the zip file from the bar on the right --->

Then go into the directory and clone avocado's source code:

git clone avocado

then, install all the module dependencies:

npm install

HTML5 (browser)

To install for the browser, you only have to run grunt:


NOTE If you use Ubuntu and installed node from the package manager, the binary is named nodejs and not node. See for how to fix this issue.

This will generate everything you need to host your application. Just open index.html with your favorite HTML5-capable browser!

NOTE Some browsers will not let you run the HTML locally. If that's the case (you just get a black screen), then you will have to serve the directory using an HTTP server like apache. Sorry!

node-webkit (native)

First, download node-webkit version 0.8.6 from and extract everything in the archive to the distribution directory. Once you do this, all you need to do is run node-webkit:

npm start

or, if you're on windows, go into the folder and launch run.bat!

I'll write more documentation on how to distribute your apps once I figure out a nice automatic way to do so.