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Commits on Oct 27, 2019
  1. Testing multiple control labs (#14)

    chabala committed Oct 27, 2019
    * update port chooser to handle picking multiple control labs for tests
    * improve serial writer logging to show which port is being used
    * introduce IT tests for multiple control labs
    * default logging is now less chatty
    * moved non-handshake serial port logging to debug
    * added example config line for enabling debug log
Commits on Oct 21, 2019
  1. Updating dependency versions to stay current (October 2019) (#13)

    chabala committed Oct 21, 2019
    * update project dependencies
    * update bcel for project-info-reports to fix issue with new java class versions
      (this is borrowed from 3.0.0, trying to use that version caused other issues)
    * update most plugin dependencies
    * reduce warning noise in the build from maven-linkcheck-plugin
    * restructure travis to reduce warnings and improve build caching
    * relax visibility restriction on PortChooser test code
    * reduce build log noise
    * mutes non-errors from maven-changes-plugin's github-report
    * filter non-final dependencies from the upgrade report
Commits on Oct 15, 2019
  1. Fluent API for inputs, outputs, and stop button (#12)

    chabala committed Oct 15, 2019
    * add TODO about making an event listener
    * rename Output enumeration to OutputId
    * unrelated refinements to the input tests
    * introduce fluent output control api
    * introduce stop button object and move all stop button related functions to it
    * adjusting order of logging stop button events
    * rename Input to InputId
    * introduce Input handle and move listener registration duty to it
    * extract all serial port writing logic to SerialPortWriter
    * extract serial port choosing test helper into its own class
    * add stop button test
    * extend fluent api for groups of outputs
    * replace handshake delay with countdownlatch
    * delegate getOutputGroup() calls with single output to the single output method
    * Improve javadoc, test coverage, and checkstyle report
    * added some more useful toString implementations
    * improvements suggested by sonar
Commits on Oct 1, 2019
  1. Sonar recommended improvements (#11)

    chabala committed Oct 1, 2019
    * prevent int promotion (SonarSource/sonar-java@432e130)
    * avoid string concatenation
    * use awaitility to remove some Thread.sleep() calls in tests
    * other minor changes recommended by sonar
    * ignore inappropriate sonar recommendations
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