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Echo service

The Echo service represents the smallest viable BlueEyes service along with a Spec (unit test) excercising the /echo path. The project has an SBT example project definition defining a dependency on BlueEyes.

  • Install sbt 0.11.x using brew or whatever package manager you use.
  • Define an environment var, SBT_OPTS to override the permgen size. Most folks put this in .bashrc:

    export SBT_OPTS="-XX:MaxPermSize=512m"
  • To run the service use the command:

    $ sbt "run-main org.fooblahblah.echo.EchoServer --configFile config/echo.conf"
  • The service should start on port 8080. To test issue a curl command POST'ing some content:

    $ curl --data-binary 'blah' http://localhost:8080/echo
  • The service should reply with the same content.

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