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.NET implementation of Resque, aiming to be fully compatible with the Ruby version
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.NET implementation of Chris Wanstrath’s Resque, which is a Redis-based background processing framework.


Some jobs need to be run on Windows using .NET code. Some need to run in pure Ruby on UNIX. Some need to run in Java/JRuby. Now we can do all of the above with one job processing framework.


You’ll need JSON.NET and redis-sharp. I’ll see about bundling those in this repo time-permitting.


This is just getting started and still bit of a mess. The VC# project needs to be cleaned up to point to relative paths for references, etc. Contributions are very welcome.

Once you’ve made your great commits:

1. "Fork" resque-sharp
2. Create a topic branch – `git checkout -b my_branch`
3. Push to your branch – `git push origin my_branch`
4. Create an Issue with a link to your branch
5. That’s it!


Chad Fowler

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