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%Convert Peer to BrainVision Analyzer
%Created by Chad Williams, M.Sc. student in Dr. Olav Krigolson's
%Neuroeconomics laboratory at the University of Victoria
%July 2017 - Created for the app Peer, converted from the script
%% Starting information
clear all; close all; clc; %Clear data
%Directories and pathways
working_dir = uigetdir('','Find the folder with your data'); %Point to where the data is
cd(working_dir); %Change directory to where the data is
addpath(fullfile(fileparts(which('convert_MUSE_to_BV.m')),'./Other Files')); %Add the path for supporting files
%New data folder check and creation
dircheck = exist(fullfile(working_dir, 'BV Data')); %Check to see if BV Data folder exists
if dircheck ~= 7
mkdir('BV Data'); %If output folder does not exist, create it
%% Finding files
prefix = cell2mat(inputdlg('Enter the prefix of your participant filename','Peer to BV',1,{'Participant_'})); %Input participant file name
filenames = dir(strcat(prefix,'*')); %Create matrix of file names in the directory with the prefix
%% Process Data
for counter = 1:length(filenames) %Number of participants - if this is incorrect make sure the skipped files was correct (line 38 to 44)
disp(strcat('Participant: ', num2str(counter))); %Display what participant is being converted
%Load data
EEG = []; %Clear past participant structure
csvdata = []; %Remove pas participant raw data
current_name = filenames(counter).name; %Name of participant
csvdata = load(current_name); %Load current participant data
current_name = strtok(current_name,'.'); %Remove filetype for saving
%Insert markers
markers = [];
markers(1,:) = csvdata(:,1)'; %Create variable for markers
markers(2,:) = 1:length(markers); %Add time stamps in datapoints to the markers
markerindex = find(markers(1,:)~=0); %Determine where no marker is present
markers = markers(:,markerindex); %Keep only non-zero markers
%The structure EEG will be used to convert into BV
[] = csvdata(:,2:5)'; %Create variable for EEG data
[EEG.srate] = 256; %The sampling rate
[EEG.chanlocs] = readlocs('MUSE.locs'); %The electrodes and their locations (requires EEGLab Matlab Toolbox)
[EEG.nbchan] = 4; %Number of electrodes
[EEG.trials] = length(markers); %Total number of trials
for markcount = 1:length(markers)
[EEG.event(markcount).type] = ['S ' num2str(markers(1,markcount))]; %Insert marker names
[EEG.event(markcount).latency] = num2str(round(markers(2,markcount))); %Add time to structure
%Center data and transform into microvolts
means = mean(,2); %Determine means of each data point
for row = 1:size(means,1),:) =,:) - means(row); %Center data
end,:) =,:)*1.64498; %Convert to microvolts
%Save data as BVA
cd('BV Data'); %Change directory to new BrainVision data location
pop_writebva_Peer(EEG, current_name); %This script converts the data
cd(working_dir); %Change directory to MUSE data location