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You will need the following things installed on your computer.


  • git clone <repository-url> this repository
  • cd vorfreude
  • yarn

Local Development

  • yarn dev
  • Visit the locally running app at the listed outputted in the terminal.


  • Unit and Component Tests (yarn test:unit) use jest and Testing Library
  • Acceptance Tests (yarn test:acceptance) use Playwright
    • Playwright runs tests in the browser and these need to be installed first. This can be done by running yarn playwright install
  • Both unit/component and acceptance tests can be ran with yarn test


  1. Create new branch for release.
  2. Run yarn version
  3. Commit changes and push branch
  4. Merge PR to main

Building / Package / Release

  1. yarn build (create build, both svelte and the extension)
  2. yarn package (create zip package for upload to extension/addon stores)
  3. Upload zip to chrome and firefox stores

Further Reading / Useful Links