Bridge components for slim and oauth2 http messages.
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Static utilitiy classes to bridge PSR-7 http messages to OAuth2 Server requests and responses. While this libray is entended for use with Slim 3, it should work with any PSR-7 compatible framework.


Chadicus\Slim\OAuth2\Http requires PHP 5.6 (or later).


To add the library as a local, per-project dependency use Composer! Simply add a dependency on chadicus/slim-oauth2-http to your project's composer.json file such as:

composer require chadicus/slim-oauth2-http


Developers may be contacted at:

Project Build

With a checkout of the code get Composer in your PATH and run:

composer install



Available Operations

Convert a PSR-7 request to an OAuth2 request

use Chadicus\Slim\OAuth2\Http\RequestBridge;

$oauth2Request = RequestBridge::toOAuth2($psrRequest);

Convert an OAuth2 response to a PSR-7 response.

use Chadicus\Slim\OAuth2\Http\ResponseBridge;

$psr7Response = ResponseBridge::fromOAuth2($oauth2Request);

Example Integeration

Simple route for creating a new oauth2 access token

use Chadicus\Slim\OAuth2\Http\RequestBridge;
use Chadicus\Slim\OAuth2\Http\ResponseBridge;
use OAuth2;
use OAuth2\GrantType;
use OAuth2\Storage;
use Slim;

$storage = new Storage\Memory(
        'client_credentials' => [
            'testClientId' => [
                'client_id' => 'testClientId',
                'client_secret' => 'testClientSecret',

$server = new OAuth2\Server(
        'access_lifetime' => 3600,
        new GrantType\ClientCredentials($storage),

$app = new Slim\App();

$app->post('/token', function ($psrRequest, $psrResponse, array $args) use ($app, $server) {
    //create an \OAuth2\Request from the current \Slim\Http\Request Object
    $oauth2Request = RequestBridge::toOAuth2($psrRequest);

    //Allow the oauth2 server instance to handle the oauth2 request
    $oauth2Response = $server->handleTokenRequest($oauth2Request),

    //Map the oauth2 response into the slim response
    return ResponseBridge::fromOAuth2($oauth2Response);