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== 0.3.2
+* 2xx statuses should be treated as success (Anders Conbere)
+* Support applications using the MethodOverride Rack middleware (László Bácsi)
+* `authorize` command for `oauth` CLI (Seth)
+* Initial support for Problem Reporting extension (Seth)
* Verify SSL certificates if CA certificates are available (Seth)
* Fixed ActionController parameter escaping behavior (Thiago Arrais, László
Bácsi, Brett Gibson, et al)
* Fixed signature calculation when both options and a block were provided to
- OAuth::Signature::Base#initialize. (Seth)
-* Added help to the 'oauth' CLI. (Seth)
-* Fixed a problem when attempting to normalize MockRequest URIs. (Seth)
+ OAuth::Signature::Base#initialize (Seth)
+* Added help to the 'oauth' CLI (Seth)
+* Fixed a problem when attempting to normalize MockRequest URIs (Seth)
== 0.3.1 2009-1-26

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