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These are my customizations for Linux and macOS systems, my dotfiles.

Over the years I've had many different dotfiles, too many. So I created this repo as my obligatory location to house my customizations. However, it fell by the wayside and has not received much love. As I have time (which isn't likely) I'll be pruning it and adding to it from systems I currently have.


Installation of these files is accomplished with ansible. The only requirement for this repo is ansible. Once ansible is installed you can install this with;

ansible-playbook -K install.yml

This will ask for the sudo password to do things like install/remove go or update profile.d scripts.



My prompt

vim syntax highlighting

Screenshot of my .vimrc


(as of 12/16/2020)

  • Fix build script to run in a container rather than on digitalocean.
  • Create and add an uninstall playbook.
  • Start populating .zshrc with zsh specific code.
  • Write tests for .bashrc to make sure they all still work!
  • Organize better based on OS and functional area.
  • Add additional files to pull secrets and use as env vars.