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using System.Collections.Generic;
using FubuMVC.Core.UI.Forms;
using HtmlTags;
using FubuCore;
namespace SuperHtml5Package
public class Html5PlaceholderFieldLayout : ILabelAndFieldLayout
public IEnumerable<HtmlTag> AllTags()
return new HtmlTag[0];
public HtmlTag LabelTag { get; set; }
public HtmlTag BodyTag { get; set; }
public override string ToString()
// if it's type=text, then don't render label, but use placeholder
var attr = BodyTag.Attr("type");
if( attr.IsNotEmpty() && attr.EqualsIgnoreCase("text"))
var labelText = LabelTag.Text();
BodyTag.Attr("placeholder", labelText);
return BodyTag.ToString();
// otherwise, render like normal (wrap the label around the body tag)
return LabelTag.ToString();