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Focus Group

I was at a meeting in which I and all the other participants were asked to fill out a series of sticky notes for each empty cell in the following grid:

Qualifications Development Experience Competencies Success Factors
1 (Associate)
4 (Senior)
5 (Principal)
6 (Senior Principal)

Since I hate writing with a pen, I started developing this rails app to try to replicate this everyone-fills-out-sticky-notes-and-hands-them-to-a-secretary functionality. My goal was to have the basic functionality in place by the end of the meeting.

So, since it took me about an hour to throw this together, there are no tests, no seed data, and no styles. And though you can log in, I never finished hooking it up so that your responses are associated with your account.

But I'd like to think it was a valiant effort.