Simple personal blog built with Sinatra, Sass, & Haml. Grabs blogger content using GData API
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This is Lisa's personal blog. It is powered by Sinatra, Haml, and Sass, and many other invaluable gems.

You can visit it on heroku (the url will be more sensible once I get the contact form working).

Things are definitely rough around the edges. You might even cut yourself on the abominable contact form. (Ben Prew tells me that Pony ought to be updated in the next coupla days and that it may solve all of my problems. We'll see.)

Getting Blooger content (isn't that a fabulous typo?)

The /thoughts page pulls the last 10 (ok, 11 for the time being, because one is ignored) entries from Blogger using the GData API.

The xml returned by open-uri is parsed with crack and turned into a big ol' hash. Rather than navigating this nasty creature the usual way, I extend the Hash class so that I can access hash keys as object properties (that is, with dot notation). (There's probably a better way to do that, but like Kerry, I too will code gooder one day and don't yet know this better way. Enlighten us if you'd be so kind.)