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Updated README to be rdoc format as well as other minor tweaks

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-This is my (& Lisa's) eventual personal site. It'll be forked at some point.
-I could probably do a lot of this more easily, but it's largely a learning excercise.
-I'm making it with Sinatra, Sass (2.whatever), and Haml. It's my first time using these languages.
-Lisa's site will pull from Blogger for her blog, and mine will embed a Gwave.
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+This is Lisa's personal blog. It is powered by Sinatra, Haml, and Sass, as well as many other invaluable gems.
+You can visit it on heroku[] (the url will be more sensible once I get the contact form working).
+Things are definitely rough around the edges. You might even cut yourself on the abominable contact form. ({Ben Prew}[] tells me that Pony ought to be updated in the next coupla days and that it *may* solve all of my problems. We'll see.)
+==Getting Blooger content (isn't that a fabulous typo?)
+The /thoughts page pulls the last 10 (11, for the time being, because one is ignored) entries from Blogger using the GData API. This is accomplished using the gems open-uri and crack. The resulting Monster Hash is the navigated using a fabulous dot notation by {extending the Hash class}[] (there's probably a better way to do that, but like Kerry, I too will code gooder one day and don't know the better way yet).
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-make contact form functional (configure mail function (pony? ssmtp?))
- ->Maybe it will work on Heroku? Let's find out!
-Get it on Heroku
+make contact form functional (hopefuly Pony 1.0 will fix all my woes)
-Add link to actual blog in side bar (only on Thoughts tab--use content_for gem)
Add posted time at bottom of each post
Show labels (initially links to blogger, then by pulling fresh blogger content into here)
Show number of comments (slide-toggle them when clicked)
Add pagination (without and then with ajax calls)
- Clear up styles.sass, remove duplication
+ Clean up styles.sass, remove duplication
FORK into chadoh
2 views/blogger_shoutout.haml
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Visit on blogger
- [Visit Lisa on Blogger]( to leave comments and to enjoy other Blogger perks.
+ [Visit Lisa on Blogger]( to leave comments and view the archive.

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