This is a prototype of a chrome extension to make it easy to quickly test Twilio API calls.
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This is my Chrome extension for playing with the Twilio API. I was unhappy with the existing extensions, as they went through an AppEngine app instead of directly hiting Twilio with XMLHttpRequest. This is a pretty early proof of concept and I'm quick to admit that I suck at Javascript, so the code isn't great yet.


  • Only supports a few API methods (create call, create SMS), add a lot more
    • When there's enough methods, split the menu into resource and action menus
  • Add links to documentation
  • Add some CSS that doesn't totally suck / UI overhaul
  • Chrome extension zip file for easier install
  • Render JSON/XML responses nicer than just plain text in a <textarea />

How to install

Follow these instructions: except replace step 1-3 with a git clone.