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Convert from json data into scala case classes
Scala HTML
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Simple proof of concept converting JSON data into case classes.


Literally just brainstorming as I code so it's a total mess still.

Does best effort for unifying json types... i.e. ... "person": [{"name": "Joe", "age": 4}, {"name": "Peter"}] ... becomes case class Person(name: String, age: Option[BigDecimal] but it will miss some.

Rendering the TypedJsonTree into scala code needs to be a bit more customizable, right you can change what string/boolean/numbers map to but we should be able to generate circe encoders/decoders, change snake_case keys to camelCase and some other basics.

Also the web demo should be a separate sbt project so the main stuff can be crossbuilt, and all of the html/js should be rewritten in scala.

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