Track the current flow using Google Analytics
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Google Analytics for OpenVBX

Track the current action of the flow in Google Analytics.


Download the plugin and extract to /plugins


  1. Add the Track applet to your Call or SMS flow
  2. Enter your Google Analytics account
  3. Enter the URL to be tracked in Google Analytics*
  4. (Optional) Enter the page title to appear in Google Analytics*

* Use %caller% to substitute the caller or sender's number or %number% for the number called or texted

Sample setup

Google Analytics account


URL to track


Page title to track

Voicemail from %caller% on %number%

Sample result

This would track a pageview on Google Analytics account UA-XXXXX-X at the URL /+15555551212/voicemail with the title Voicemail from +15555551313 on +15555551212