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Just some code samples of neat things I can show off.
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Just some code samples of neat things I can show off. A lot of the cooler R and SQL based stuff is frankly both boring without data to showcase, and sometimes full of what I'm sure would be considered things the folks that pay me don't want me to share. If there are any specific requests, create an issue and I'll find some way to demo it without compromising any proprietary information.

None of these are complete works due to confidentiality or practicality of showcasing the entire application. A lot of code is pretty boring and kept in project repos, but it's always stuff I can pull if needed. I doubt anyone cares to see more hook_form_alters and the Javascript that it takes to build some of these menus designers dream up.

Also see for a laugh at me learning Python. It feels a lot like R so it wasn't too bad once I got into it. Unlearning terrible PHP habits has been loads of fun.

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