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Session 1 - Setup & Introduction.ipynb
Session 2 - Tokenization and Lemmatization of Texts.ipynb
Session 3 - Concordances and N-Gram Analysis.ipynb
Session 4 -

Computational Text Analysis Workgroup for Classical Languages

University of Kansas, Spring 2019

This repository holds all the python notebooks that we will be working through in spring 2019. More files will become available as time progresses.

Jan. 24th | Session 1: Getting Started
Intro to Python and Computational Text Analysis
Install Anaconda & Jupyter Notebooks
Install CLTK & NLTK (Johnson, et al. 2018)
Install dependencies
Play around: Finding Palindromes (Burns 2017)

Feb. 7th | Session 2: Basic Functions
Stopwords & Stoplists (Burns 2018)

March 7th | Session 3: Basic Functions (cont.)
N-Gram Analysis

April 18 & 25th Session 4: Stylometry
Function Words vs. Semantic Words
Syntactic-Based Analysis (Field 2018)
Application: Valerius Maximus, Facta et Dicta Memorabilia

Options for Final Session:

More Basic Functions
Part-of-Speech Tagging Clasulae Analysis

Topic Modelling
Latent Dirichlet Allocation
Application: Vergil, Aeneid

Network Analysis
Application: Cicero, Epistulae

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