Transcriptions of published league averages for historical minor baseball leagues
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Historical minor league baseball averages
Prepared and maintained by Chadwick Baseball Bureau (
Contact: Dr T L Turocy (


This package contains transcriptions of historical minor league baseball performance
data.  Please read the description below carefully to be sure you understand what
these data are (and what they aren't).


This project would not be possible without the contributions of many who have
taken on the transcription of individual sources.  Information on contributors can
be found within the metadata for each source.


The files containing the original transcriptions (found in the transcript/ directory) 
are copyright by the individual contributors.  They are licensed under the
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license:

The source code to transform the original transcriptions into standardised formats
(found in the src/ directory) is copyright by T L Turocy and Chadwick Baseball Bureau.
It is licensed under the GNU General Public Licence, version 2.0 (or later, at the
user's discretion):

The standardised files (found in the processed/ directory) are copyright by
T L Turocy and Chadwick Baseball Bureau.  They are licensed under the
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license:


These files are transcriptions of the contents of various sources of historical
minor league baseball performance and related data.  These primarily come from 
Guides and similar sources which published complete or partial accounts of league

The objective of these files is to render the content of those sources in a way that
is as faithful as possible to the originals.  It is important to recognise that
files does not attempt to identify and/or propose corrections to those errors.
The scope of this collection is to document the contents of sources in a standard
and systematic way, and therefore provide the inputs required to editors who wish to
produce cleaned, corrected, or improved accounts of the performance data for these
leagues.  The files in this collection therefore provide one essential component
in the chain of evidence required to produce such improved data.

The process of making the standardised files (found in the processed/ directory)
deals with the various ways in which performance data has been reported for different
leagues in different sources.  Statistical columns have been mapped to standard names
and arranged in a standard order.  Individual-level playing records are all collected
into one file; team-level into another file, and so forth.

Each source is treated individually and corresponds to one sub-directory.  
For example, the contents of each edition of a Guide are in a separate sub-directory,
one per year. 

Names of people are represented as they appear in the source; names were often
spelled inaccurately in some sources, and in some cases may be aliases.  There are
no person identifiers.  Linkage of records referring to the same person is a separate
process; it is hoped and intended that providing this raw data in a tidy and stable 
form will support that linkage process.


This is a project supported in the public interest by Chadwick Baseball Bureau.
If you are interested in learning more about how to format data for inclusion in this
collection, please contact T L Turocy at