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Java Uuid Generator (JUG) is a library for generating all (3) types of UUIDs on Java. See ( for C#-based sister project!
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"JUG" - Java Uuid Generator

JUG is a set of Java classes for generating UUIDs. It generates UUIDs according to the UUID specification (IETF draft), found  (for example) at:

or at Wikipedia:

[draft id being '<draft-leach-uuids-guids-01.txt>']

Alternatively you can also read newer IETF draft that described URN name space for UUIDs, as it contains UUID definition:

JUG can be used as a command-line tool (via class 'com.fasterxml.uuid.Jug;), or as a pluggable component; see file USAGE for details.

JUG was created by Tatu Saloranta (<>).
In addition, many other individuals have helped fix bugs and implement new feeatures: please see CREDITS for the complete list.

Jug licensing is explained in file LICENSE; basically you have a choice of one of 2 common Open Source licenses (when downloading source package) -- Apache License 2.0 or GNU LGPL 2.1 -- and you will need to accept terms for one of the license Please read LICENSE to understand requirements of the license you choose.
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