Standardized markup parsers to a single format. Sole use is for converting markup text to Html.
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= Markup Parser

Creating my own rails wiki application forced me to do some research on markup parsers. I ended up using a ton of Github solutions (and code) but in the end found their 'markup' gem to be a little cumbersome and behind some of the new advances (specifically Redcarpet 2)

So I created my own little library.


  • Make the library simple (class oriented, easy to read, small)
  • Standardize the parser usage
  • Allow leveraging the features and hooks of parsers


List the available markup parsers:

MarkupParser.format_parsers #=> { 'markdown' => MarkupParser::Markdown, 'rdoc' => MarkupParser::Rdoc }

Parse some text to Html:"body").to_html #=> "<p>body<p>"

Note that the MarkupParser::Markdown is the parser for Markdown, and can be reused by just creating a new instance.

Styling Code Blocks

Another goal was to simplify code block styling. MarkupParser doesn't stylize the code, but instead lets you easily accomplish it with your own code styler:

markup ="<pre lang='ruby'>Class</pre>")
markup.stylize_code_blocks { |code, lang|
  Albino.colorize(code, lang)
markup.to_html #=> "<pre class='highlight'><span class='class'>Class</span></pre>"

Or:"<pre lang='ruby'>Class</pre>").stylize_code_blocks { |code, lang|
  Albino.colorize(code, lang)
}.to_html #=> "<pre class='highlight'><span class='class'>Class</span></pre>"

For each code block recognized by the markup language, stylize_code_blocks accepts a block with parameters: code, lang for you to use.

Adding Markup Parsers

Ask me (Todo)