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==Aug 5, 2009 Evgeny==
===Interface changes===
Merged in my code that:
* allows anonymous posting of Q&A and then login
* per-question email notifications via 'send_email_alerts' command
* allows space character in username
* improves openid login
* makes notification messages sticky - have to click "x" to dismiss
* unanswered questions are now those with no accepted answer
* added following setting parameters:
settings.EMAIL_UNIQUE = True|False
settings.EMAIL_VALIDATION = 'on'|'off' #thought of maybe adding other options so type is string
settings.GOOGLE_SITEMAP_CODE = <string>
settings.GOOGLE_ANALYTICS_KEY = <string>
* fixed incorrect answer count issue in question.html
* translated Twittwer stuff in user_preferences.html
* translated question_retag.html, except one phrase
* added Adolfo's python2.4 fix
* fixed template debugging comments so that they don't break page layout
* reorganized header template so that it takes less vertical space
===Code changes===
* wrapped template context settings into a single settings dictionary
* on login anonymous session is recorded so that anonymously posted questions (if any) could be found later
* added models: AnonymousQuestion, AnonymousAnswer, EmailFeed (for notifications)
* User model has two new fields email_key - 32 byte hex hash and email_isvalid - boolean
file sql_scripts/update_2009_07_05_EF.sql will make upgrade to the live database
* added auth_processor to which loads notification messages without deleting them
NOTE: default django auth processor must be removed!
* added ajax actions questionSubscribeUpdates/questionUnsubscribeUpdates
==Aug 4 2009, Evgeny==
* commented out LocaleMiddleware - language can be now switched with settings.LANGUAGE_CODE
* added DATABASE_ENGINE line to settings_local
* Adolfo's slugification of urls
* Added Chaitanyas changes for traditional login/signup and INSTALL file
==July 26 2009, Evgeny==
considerably changed user interface
[comment] - sorry - this is not done yet
* added tag input validation using regex
* fixed bug with date type mismatch near self.fields['birthday'] =
in EditUserForm.__init__()
* fixed date type mismatch in get_age()
* fixed bug with post deletion/recovery
* changed to use of non-minified code - better for editing
and debugging
* fixed display of delete/undelete links
added comments in the beginning/end of each template
for the debugging purposes - so that you know which template outputs what html
<!-- user_favorites.html -->
<!-- end user_favorites.html -->