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-1. Python2.5, MySQL, Django v1.0+
+0. We recommend you to use python-setuptools to install pre-requirement libraries.
+If you haven't installed it, please try to install it first.
+e.g, sudo apt-get install python-setuptools
+1. Python2.5/2.6, MySQL, Django v1.0/1.1
+Make sure mysql for python provider has been installed.
+sudo easy_install mysql-python
2. Python-openid v2.2
+sudo easy_install python-openid
3. django-authopenid(Included in project already)
4. html5lib
Used for HTML sanitizer
+sudo easy_install html5lib
5. Markdown2
+sudo easy_install markdown2
6. Django Debug Toolbar
+0. Make sure you have all above python libraries installed.
1. Copy to and
update all your settings. Check and update
it as well if necessory.
2. Prepare your database by using the same database/account
configuration from above.
+create database cnprog DEFAULT CHARACTER SET UTF8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci;
+grant all on cnprog.* to 'cnprog'@'localhost';
+And then run "python syncdb" to synchronize your database.
3. Run "python runserver" to startup django
development environment.

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