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CHAI3D - The Open Source Haptic Framework


First launched in 2003 at the Robotics and Artificial Intelligence 
Laboratory at Stanford University, CHAI3D is a powerful cross-platform 
C++ simulation framework with over 100+ industries and research 
institutions developing CHAI3D based applications all around the world 
in segments such as automotive, aerospace, medical, entertainment and 
industrial robotics.

Designed as a platform agnostic framework for computer haptics, 
visualization and interactive real-time simulation, CHAI3D is an open 
source framework that supports a variety of commercially-available 
three-, six- and seven-degree-of-freedom haptic devices, and makes it 
simple to support new custom force feedback devices.

CHAI3D's modular capabilities allows for the creation of highly-performing 
native haptic applications as well as for hybrid development where you 
can choose which components provide the best haptic and visual user 

Learning Resources

* General information is available at the CHAI3D Homepage.

* Community discussion takes place on the CHAI3D Forum.

* Commercial support is available from Force Dimension.

* Doxygen-generated reference documentation is available online.

* Instructions on how to get started can be found in the 
  documentation folder.



Support and examples for extension frameworks can be found in the 
dedicated module folders:

  modules/OCULUS   (Visual Studio 2015 only)

Haptic Devices and Trackers

CHAI3D supports a selection of commercial haptic devices and trackers.
Information about their installation and support within CHAI3D can be 
found in the documentation folder.



If you have developed a new module or improved any of the capabilities of
CHAI3D and would like to share them with the community, please contact our 
development team at

Reporting Bugs

If you have found a bug:

1. Please join the CHAI3D forum and ask about the expected and observed 
   behaviors to determine if it is really a bug

2. If you have identified a problem and managed to document it, you may
   also submit a report at


CHAI3D is open source software and is licensed under the Revised BSD 
License (3-clause). The license allows unlimited redistribution for 
any purpose as long as its copyright notices and the license's 
disclaimers of warranty are maintained. The license also contains a 
clause restricting use of the names of contributors for endorsement of 
a derived work without specific permission. 

See copyright.txt for details.


For scientific publications, please reference CHAI3D:

  author    = {Conti, F. and Barbagli, F. and Balaniuk, R. 
               and Halg, M. and Lu, C. and Morris, D. 
               and Sentis, L. and Warren, J. and Khatib, O. 
               and Salisbury, K.},
  title     = {The CHAI libraries},
  booktitle = {Proceedings of Eurohaptics 2003},
  year      = {2003},
  pages     = {496--500},
  address   = {Dublin, Ireland}

(C) 2003-2016 by CHAI3D
All Rights Reserved.