expect().to.be.X() doesn't work in IE #73

emilecantin opened this Issue Jun 12, 2012 · 3 comments

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IE claims that the expect().to.be object has no method 'below', 'above', etc. The 'be' object seems to be defined as:

function (selector) {
        var obj = flag(this, 'object');
        if (obj instanceof jQuery) {
            , 'expected #{this} to be #{exp}'
            , 'expected #{this} not to be #{exp}'
    __proto__ : {...}
Chai.js Assertion Library member

I see you are using the chai-jquery plugin... Think this might be related to this: chaijs/chai-jquery#14

We'll try to get that through.

@jfirebaugh - Any news?


Looks like that Chai-jQuery problem was fixed.

@domenic domenic closed this Dec 30, 2012

I confirm Chai-jQuery is the problem, but it is not yet fixed

@Filirom1 Filirom1 referenced this issue in chaijs/chai-jquery Jan 16, 2013

Add IE support #28

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