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@koddsson koddsson released this 28 Dec 11:56


  • Chai now only supports EcmaScript Modules (ESM). This means your tests will need to either have import {...} from 'chai' or import('chai'). require('chai') will cause failures in nodejs. If you're using ESM and seeing failures, it may be due to a bundler or transpiler which is incorrectly converting import statements into require calls.
  • Dropped support for Internet Explorer.
  • Dropped support for NodeJS < 18.
  • Minimum supported browsers are now Firefox 100, Safari 14.1, Chrome 100, Edge 100. Support for browsers prior to these versions is "best effort" (bug reports on older browsers will be assessed individually and may be marked as wontfix).

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Full Changelog: 4.3.1...v5.0.0