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import os
import tensorflow as tf
import tensorflow_transform as tft
from forecast.schema import Schema
from import list_files
class Data:
def __init__(self, config):
# Find the path with the latest preprocessed data by listing all entries
# matching a given pattern and take the last one, assuming that the
# alphabetical order is also chronological
self.path = list_files(config['path'])[-1]
# Find the path of the latest transforms using the same strategy
transform_path = list_files(config['transform_path'])[-1]
# Create a schema according to the configuration file
self.schema = Schema(config['schema'])
# Find the names of contextual columns
self.contextual_names ='contextual')
# Find the names of sequential columns
self.sequential_names ='sequential')
self.modes = config['modes']
# Load all transforms
transforms = [mode['transform'] for mode in self.modes.values()]
self.transforms = {
name: tft.TFTransformOutput( \
os.path.join(transform_path, name, 'transform'))
for name in set(transforms)
def create(self, name):
config = self.modes[name]
def _preprocess_transformed(proto):
spec = self.transforms[config['transform']] \
example =, spec)
return (
{name: example[name] for name in self.contextual_names},
# Convert the sequential columns from sparse to dense
name: self.schema[name].to_dense(example[name])
for name in self.sequential_names
def _preprocess_untransformed(proto):
spec = self.schema.to_feature_spec()
example = tf.parse_single_example(proto, spec)
for name in self.contextual_names:
example[name] = tf.expand_dims(example[name], -1)
for name in self.sequential_names:
example[name] = tf.sparse.expand_dims(example[name], -1)
example = self.transforms[config['transform']] \
return (
name: tf.reshape(example[name], [-1])
for name in self.contextual_names
# Convert the sequential columns from sparse to dense
name: tf.reshape( \
self.schema[name].to_dense(example[name]), [-1])
for name in self.sequential_names
def _postprocess(contextual, sequential):
sequential = {
# Convert the sequential columns from dense to sparse
name: self.schema[name].to_sparse(sequential[name])
for name in self.sequential_names
return {**contextual, **sequential}
def _shape():
return (
{name: tf.TensorShape([]) for name in self.contextual_names},
name: tf.TensorShape([None])
for name in self.sequential_names
# List all files matching a given pattern
pattern = [self.path, name, 'examples', 'part-*']
dataset =*pattern))
# Shuffle the files if needed
if 'shuffle_macro' in config:
dataset = dataset.shuffle(**config['shuffle_macro'])
# Convert the files into datasets of examples stored as TFRecords and
# amalgamate these datasets into one dataset of examples
dataset = dataset \
.interleave(, **config['interleave'])
# Shuffle the examples if needed
if 'shuffle_micro' in config:
dataset = dataset.shuffle(**config['shuffle_micro'])
# Preprocess the examples with respect to a given spec, pad the examples
# and form batches of different sizes, and postprocess the batches
if config.get('transformed', False):
_preprocess = _preprocess_transformed
_preprocess = _preprocess_untransformed
dataset = dataset \
.map(_preprocess, **config['map']) \
.padded_batch(padded_shapes=_shape(), **config['batch']) \
.map(_postprocess, **config['map'])
# Prefetch the batches if needed
if 'prefetch' in config:
dataset = dataset.prefetch(**config['prefetch'])
# Repeat the data once the source is exhausted if needed
if 'repeat' in config:
dataset = dataset.repeat(**config['repeat'])
return dataset
def create_feature_columns(self, scope):
def _process(name):
return self.schema[name].to_feature_column(self.transform)
return list(map(_process, getattr(self, scope + '_feature_names')))
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