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import apache_beam as beam
import os
import tensorflow_transform as tft
from functools import partial
from tensorflow_transform.beam import impl as tt_beam
from tensorflow_transform.beam.tft_beam_io import transform_fn_io
from tensorflow_transform.tf_metadata import dataset_metadata
from tensorflow_transform.tf_metadata import dataset_schema
from forecast.schema import Schema
class Pipeline(beam.Pipeline):
def __init__(self, config):
# Set options pertaining to the Dataflow runner
options = dict(
staging_location=_locate(config, 'staging'),
temp_location=_locate(config, 'temporary'),
setup_file=os.path.join('.', ''),
# Create and populate a Beam pipeline
with tt_beam.Context(temp_dir=_locate(config, 'temporary')):
_populate(self, config)
def _locate(config, *names):
return os.path.join(config['output']['path'], *names)
def _populate(pipeline, config):
# Create a schema according to the configuration file
schema = Schema(config['data']['schema'])
def _analyze(example):
return {
name: _analyze_column(schema[name], example[name])
for name in example.keys()
def _analyze_column(column, value):
if column.transform is None:
return value
if column.transform == 'z':
return tft.scale_to_z_score(value)
# Define other transforms, such as vocabulary look-up
assert False
def _filter(mode, example):
return mode['name'] in example['mode']
# Read the SQL code
query = open(config['data']['path']).read()
# Create a BigQuery source
source =, use_standard_sql=True)
# Create metadata needed later
spec = schema.to_feature_spec()
meta = dataset_metadata.DatasetMetadata(
# Read data from BigQuery
data = pipeline \
| 'read' >>
# Loop over modes whose purpose is analysis
transform_functions = {}
for mode in config['modes']:
if 'transform' in mode:
name = mode['name']
# Select examples that belong to the current mode
data_ = data \
| name + '-filter' >> beam.Filter(partial(_filter, mode))
# Analyze the examples
transform_functions[name] = (data_, meta) \
| name + '-analyze' >> tt_beam.AnalyzeDataset(_analyze)
path = _locate(config, name, 'transform')
# Store the transform function
transform_functions[name] \
| name + '-write-transform' >> transform_fn_io.WriteTransformFn(path)
# Loop over modes whose purpose is transformation
for mode in config['modes']:
if not 'transform' in mode:
name = mode['name']
# Select examples that belong to the current mode
data_ = data \
| name + '-filter' >> beam.Filter(partial(_filter, mode))
# Shuffle examples if needed
if mode.get('shuffle', False):
data_ = data_ \
| name + '-shuffle' >> beam.transforms.Reshuffle()
# Transform the examples using an appropriate transform function
if mode['transform'] == 'identity':
coder = tft.coders.ExampleProtoCoder(meta.schema)
data_, meta_ = ((data_, meta), transform_functions[mode['transform']]) \
| name + '-transform' >> tt_beam.TransformDataset()
coder = tft.coders.ExampleProtoCoder(meta_.schema)
path = _locate(config, name, 'examples', 'part')
# Store the transformed examples as TFRecords
data_ \
| name + '-encode' >> beam.Map(coder.encode) \
| name + '-write-examples' >>