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kr commented Feb 8, 2017 edited

Sub takes an existing error, which might have an associated stack trace or other metadata, and substitutes a new root error, which is sometimes necessary to return a certain error code to the client.

This change also updates all call sites I could find to use the new function.

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kr commented Feb 9, 2017


+// Use this when you need to substitute a new root error in place
+// of an existing error that may already hold a stack trace
+// or other metadata.
+func Sub(new, old error) error {
jbowens Feb 9, 2017 Member

I don't mind but new might look a little weird with syntax highlighting.

kr Feb 9, 2017 Member

Hmm, personally I prefer it as new; that seems like the right name to me. (Syntax highlighting ought to know that new is a valid variable name.)

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jbowens commented Feb 9, 2017

lgtm besides the nit on the variable name

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