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Chainer/PyTorch Migration Library

chainer-pytorch-migration is a provisional tool to help migrating Chainer projects to PyTorch.


chainer-pytorch-migration (CPM) is a tool to help in the migration process of a project from Chainer to PyTorch.

The main features in CPM are:

  • Use PyTorch models with Chainer training scripts
  • Use Chainer models with PyTorch training scripts
  • Use Chainer extensions with Ignite trainers
  • Use PyTorch memory allocator in CuPy

The main goal of CPM is to allow components from the two frameworks to interact together while the migration of a project is on-going.

Please refer to the migration guide for the detailed usage.


pip install chainer-pytorch-migration

# Required only if you want to use `chainer_pytorch_migration.ingite`:
pip install pytorch-ignite

# Required only if you want to use CuPy integration:
# See:
pip install cupy-cudaXXX

Contribution Guide

You can contribute to this project by sending a pull request. After approval, the pull request will be merged by the reviewer.

Before making a contribution, please confirm that:

  • Code quality stays consistent across the script, module or package.
  • Code is covered by unit tests.
  • API is maintainable.