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from __future__ import division
from multiprocessing import pool
import numpy
from chainer.dataset import iterator
from chainer.iterators import _statemachine
from chainer.iterators.order_samplers import ShuffleOrderSampler
class MultithreadIterator(iterator.Iterator):
"""Dataset iterator that loads examples in parallel.
This is an implementation of :class:`~chainer.dataset.Iterator` that loads
examples with worker threads. It uses the standard :mod:`threading`
module to parallelize the loading.
Note that this iterator effectively prefetches the examples for the next
batch asynchronously after the current batch is returned.
This iterator saves ``-1`` instead of ``None`` in snapshots since some
serializers do not support ``None``.
dataset (~chainer.dataset.Dataset): Dataset to iterate.
batch_size (int): Number of examples within each batch.
repeat (bool): If ``True``, it infinitely loops over the dataset.
Otherwise, it stops iteration at the end of the first epoch.
shuffle (bool): If ``True``, the order of examples is shuffled at the
beginning of each epoch. Otherwise, examples are extracted in the
order of indexes. If ``None`` and no ``order_sampler`` is given,
the behavior is the same as the case with ``shuffle=True``.
n_threads (int): Number of worker threads.
order_sampler (callable): A callable that generates the order
of the indices to sample in the next epoch when a epoch finishes.
This function should take two arguments: the current order
and the current position of the iterator.
This should return the next order. The size of the order
should remain constant.
This option cannot be used when ``shuffle`` is not ``None``.
def __init__(self, dataset, batch_size, repeat=True, shuffle=None,
n_threads=1, order_sampler=None):
self.dataset = dataset
self.batch_size = batch_size
self._repeat = repeat
self._shuffle = shuffle
if self._shuffle is not None:
if order_sampler is not None:
raise ValueError('`shuffle` is not `None` and a custom '
'`order_sampler` is set. Please set '
'`shuffle` to `None` to use the custom '
'order sampler.')
if self._shuffle:
order_sampler = ShuffleOrderSampler()
if order_sampler is None:
order_sampler = ShuffleOrderSampler()
self.order_sampler = order_sampler
self.n_threads = n_threads
self._pool = None
def reset(self):
if self.order_sampler is None:
order = None
order = self.order_sampler(numpy.arange(len(self.dataset)), 0)
self._state = _statemachine.IteratorState(0, 0, False, order)
self._previous_epoch_detail = -1.
# reset internal state
self._next = None
def finalize(self):
pool = self._pool
self._next = None
self._pool = None
if pool is not None:
def __next__(self):
if self._next is None:
# load for the first iteration
batch = self._get()
self._invoke_prefetch() # prefetch for the next iteration
return batch
next = __next__
def current_position(self):
return self._state.current_position
def epoch(self):
return self._state.epoch
def is_new_epoch(self):
return self._state.is_new_epoch
def epoch_detail(self):
return self.epoch + self.current_position / self._epoch_size
def previous_epoch_detail(self):
# use -1 instead of None internally.
if self._previous_epoch_detail < 0:
return None
return self._previous_epoch_detail
def serialize(self, serializer):
current_position = serializer(
'current_position', self.current_position)
epoch = serializer('epoch', self.epoch)
is_new_epoch = serializer('is_new_epoch', self.is_new_epoch)
order = serializer('_order', self._state.order)
self._state = _statemachine.IteratorState(
current_position, epoch, is_new_epoch, order)
self._previous_epoch_detail = serializer(
'previous_epoch_detail', self._previous_epoch_detail)
# Old version serialized ``None``.
if self._previous_epoch_detail is None:
self._previous_epoch_detail = -1.
self._next = None
def _read(args):
dataset, index = args
return dataset[index]
def _invoke_prefetch(self):
assert self._next is None
self._next_state, indices = _statemachine.iterator_statemachine(
self._state, self.batch_size, self.repeat, self.order_sampler,
if indices is None:
self._next = None
if self._pool is None:
self._pool = pool.ThreadPool(self.n_threads)
args = [(self.dataset, index) for index in indices]
self._next = self._pool.map_async(MultithreadIterator._read, args)
def _get(self):
self._previous_epoch_detail = self.epoch_detail
self._state = self._next_state
next = self._next
if next is None:
raise StopIteration
self._next = None
while not next.ready():
next.wait(0.5) # To avoid interruption bug in Python2
batch = [data for data in next.get()]
return batch
def _epoch_size(self):
order = self._state.order
if order is None:
epoch_size = len(self.dataset)
epoch_size = len(order)
return epoch_size
def repeat(self):
return self._repeat
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