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import chainer
from chainer.functions.math import scale
from chainer import link
from chainer.links.connection import bias
from chainer import variable
class Scale(link.Chain):
"""Broadcasted elementwise product with learnable parameters.
Computes a elementwise product as :func:`~chainer.functions.scale`
function does except that its second input is a learnable weight parameter
:math:`W` the link has.
axis (int): The first axis of the first input of
:func:`~chainer.functions.scale` function along which its second
input is applied.
W_shape (tuple of ints): Shape of learnable weight parameter. If
``None``, this link does not have learnable weight parameter so an
explicit weight needs to be given to its ``forward`` method's
second input.
bias_term (bool): Whether to also learn a bias (equivalent to Scale
link + Bias link).
bias_shape (tuple of ints): Shape of learnable bias. If ``W_shape`` is
``None``, this should be given to determine the shape. Otherwise,
the bias has the same shape ``W_shape`` with the weight parameter
and ``bias_shape`` is ignored.
.. seealso:: See :func:`~chainer.functions.scale` for details.
W (~chainer.Parameter): Weight parameter if ``W_shape`` is given.
Otherwise, no W attribute.
bias (~chainer.links.Bias): Bias term if ``bias_term`` is ``True``.
Otherwise, no bias attribute.
def __init__(self, axis=1, W_shape=None, bias_term=False, bias_shape=None):
super(Scale, self).__init__()
self.axis = axis
with self.init_scope():
# Add W parameter and/or bias term.
if W_shape is not None:
self.W = variable.Parameter(1, W_shape)
if bias_term:
self.bias = bias.Bias(axis, W_shape)
if bias_term:
if bias_shape is None:
raise ValueError(
'bias_shape should be given if W is not '
'learnt parameter and bias_term is True.')
self.bias = bias.Bias(axis, bias_shape)
def forward(self, *xs):
"""Applies broadcasted elementwise product.
xs (list of Variables): Input variables whose length should
be one if the link has a learnable weight parameter, otherwise
should be two.
axis = self.axis
# Case of only one argument where W is a learnt parameter.
if hasattr(self, 'W'):
if chainer.is_debug():
assert len(xs) == 1
x, = xs
W = self.W
z = scale.scale(x, W, axis)
# Case of two arguments where W is given as an argument.
if chainer.is_debug():
assert len(xs) == 2
x, y = xs
z = scale.scale(x, y, axis)
# Forward propagate bias term if given.
if hasattr(self, 'bias'):
return self.bias(z)
return z
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