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import numpy
import chainer
from chainer.functions.activation import sigmoid
from chainer.functions.activation import tanh
from chainer.functions.array import concat
from chainer.functions.math import linear_interpolate
from chainer import link
from chainer.links.connection import linear
class MGUBase(link.Chain):
def __init__(self, n_inputs, n_units):
super(MGUBase, self).__init__()
with self.init_scope():
self.W_f = linear.Linear(n_inputs + n_units, n_units)
self.W_h = linear.Linear(n_inputs + n_units, n_units)
def _call_mgu(self, h, x):
f = sigmoid.sigmoid(self.W_f(concat.concat([h, x])))
h_bar = tanh.tanh(self.W_h(concat.concat([f * h, x])))
h_new = linear_interpolate.linear_interpolate(f, h_bar, h)
return h_new
class StatelessMGU(MGUBase):
forward = MGUBase._call_mgu
class StatefulMGU(MGUBase):
def __init__(self, in_size, out_size):
super(StatefulMGU, self).__init__(in_size, out_size)
self._state_size = out_size
def device_resident_accept(self, visitor):
super(StatefulMGU, self).device_resident_accept(visitor)
if self.h is not None:
def set_state(self, h):
assert isinstance(h, chainer.Variable)
h_ = h
if self.xp is numpy:
self.h = h_
def reset_state(self):
self.h = None
def forward(self, x):
if self.h is None:
n_batch = x.shape[0]
dtype = chainer.get_dtype()
h_data = self.xp.zeros(
(n_batch, self._state_size), dtype=dtype)
h = chainer.Variable(h_data)
h = self.h
self.h = self._call_mgu(h, x)
return self.h
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