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import os
import subprocess
from chainer import computational_graph
from chainer import configuration
from import extension
from chainer.utils import argument
from chainer import variable
def is_return_code_zero(args):
"""Return `True` if the return code of the given command
is zero.
All the messages sent to stdout or stderr are suppressed.
args (list of str): A command to execute.
with open(os.devnull, 'wb') as FNULL:
subprocess.check_call(args, stdout=FNULL, stderr=FNULL)
except subprocess.CalledProcessError:
# The given command returned an error
return False
except OSError:
# The given command was not found
return False
return True
def is_graphviz_available():
"""Tell whether graphviz is available or not."""
return is_return_code_zero(['dot', '-V'])
_var_style = {'shape': 'octagon', 'fillcolor': '#E0E0E0', 'style': 'filled'}
_func_style = {'shape': 'record', 'fillcolor': '#6495ED', 'style': 'filled'}
class DumpGraph(extension.Extension):
root_name, filename='', variable_style=None, function_style=None)
Trainer extension to dump a computational graph.
This extension dumps a computational graph. The graph is output in DOT
language. If graphviz is available, this also renders and saves the image
of the computational graph.
It only dumps a graph at the first invocation.
.. note::
The computational graph is not kept by default. This
extension changes this behavior until the first invocation. **It is
strongly recommended that you use it with the default trigger setting.**
The detailed behavior of this extension is as follows.
1. In its initializer, it turns on the
``chainer.config.keep_graph_on_report`` flag.
2. At the first iteration, it dumps the graph using the graph held by
the reported variable.
3. After dumping the graph, it turns off the flag (if it was originally
turned off) so that any variable reported afterward does not hold
a computational graph.
When the ``keep_graph_on_report`` flag is turned on, the computational
graph created by the updater is kept during the invocation of
extensions. It will cause an unnecessarily large memory consumption
when an extension also uses a large amount of memory, e.g.
With the default setting, the ``DumpGraph`` extension is called at the
first iteration. Since :class:``
is not called at the first iteration in most cases, it does not cause
any memory problem.
root_name (str): Name of the root of the computational graph. The
root variable is retrieved by this name from the observation
dictionary of the trainer.
filename (str): Output file name.
For historical reasons ``out_name`` is also accepted as an alias
of this argument.
variable_style (dict): Dot node style for variables. Each variable is
rendered by an octagon by default.
function_style (dict): Dot node style for functions. Each function is
rendered by a rectangular by default.
.. seealso::
See :func:`~chainer.computational_graph.build_computational_graph`
for the ``variable_style`` and ``function_style`` arguments.
default_name = 'dump_graph'
def __init__(self, root_name, filename=None,
variable_style=None, function_style=None, **kwargs):
out_name, = argument.parse_kwargs(kwargs, ('out_name', ''))
if filename is None:
filename = out_name
del out_name # avoid accidental use
self._root_name = root_name
self._filename = filename
if variable_style is None:
variable_style = _var_style
self._variable_style = variable_style
if function_style is None:
function_style = _func_style
self._function_style = function_style
self._original_flag = None
self._flag_called = False
def initialize(self, trainer):
if not self._flag_called:
self._original_flag = configuration.config.keep_graph_on_report
configuration.config.keep_graph_on_report = True
def trigger(self, trainer):
if self._flag_called:
return False
self._flag_called = True
return True
def __call__(self, trainer):
var = trainer.observation[self._root_name]
if not isinstance(var, variable.Variable):
raise TypeError('root value is not a Variable')
cg = computational_graph.build_computational_graph(
filename = os.path.join(trainer.out, self._filename)
with open(filename, 'w') as f:
if is_graphviz_available():
img_fn = os.path.splitext(self._filename)[0] + '.png'
image_filename = os.path.join(trainer.out, img_fn)
['dot', '-Tpng', filename, '-o', image_filename])
configuration.config.keep_graph_on_report = self._original_flag
def serialize(self, serializer):
self._original_flag = serializer('_original_flag', self._original_flag)
self._flag_called = serializer('_flag_called', self._flag_called)
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