@beam2d beam2d released this Oct 18, 2016 · 10351 commits to master since this release

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This is a minor release. See here for the complete list of solved issues and merged PRs.


  • We are planning to change the release schedule. We will announce it as soon as possible.
  • We are also planning the first major version update. It is expected to be done within a few months. We will announce the plan at the next minor release.

New features

  • New Functions and Links
    • arccos, arcsin, arctan: elementwise inverse trigonometric functions (#1678)
    • deconvolution_nd, DeconvolutionND: N-dimensional deconvolution function and link (#1408)
    • dstack: concatenate variables along the third (depth) axis (#1613, thanks @fukatani!)
  • Support parameter shape placeholder for LSTM and StatelessLSTM (#1719)
  • crf1d supports variable-length input sequences (#1451)
  • Test case decorator to generate test functions for checking a unary Function (#1534, #1741 (#1740), #1747)
  • Dockerfile for quickly trying Chainer in an isolated environment (#1756 (#1458))

Bug fixes

  • Allow NumPy integers in parameter shapes of Link (#1698)
  • Fix get_device to accept future’s int and Device object (#1629, #1778)
  • Fix a bug of BatchNormalization used with model copying (#1767)
  • Fix a bug of MultiprocessIterator used in Evaluator (#1768)
  • Fix the error of “_thread_local.default_backprop not found” in a multi-threaded case (#1705, #1708, thanks @Hiroshiba!)
  • Fix Variable.addgrad to support None grads (#1680, #1770)
  • Fix ImageDataset for Pillow 2 (#1738)
  • Fix cupy.sqrt to follow the latest version of NumPy and deprecate sqrt_fixed (#1764 (#1752), #1769)
  • Fix an error of ImageNet example saying 'Convolution2D' object has no attribute 'W' (#1776 (#1691))
  • Fix installation on Mac (#1773)
  • Fix typo in error messages (#1715, thanks @crcrpar!)
  • Fix an error on building documents of CuPy (#1721)


  • Improve the performance of MultiprocessIterator by using shared memory (#1652)
  • n_step_lstm and convolution_nd accept raw arrays (#1703, #1704)
  • Better API compatibility of cupy.squeeze to that of NumPy (#1746)
  • Allow CuPy to call CUDA async APIs with callbacks (#1709)