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import numpy as np
from chainer.backends import cuda
from chainercv.links.model.faster_rcnn.utils.bbox2loc import bbox2loc
from chainercv.utils.bbox.bbox_iou import bbox_iou
class ProposalTargetCreator(object):
"""Assign ground truth bounding boxes to given RoIs.
The :meth:`__call__` of this class generates training targets
for each object proposal.
This is used to train Faster RCNN [#]_.
.. [#] Shaoqing Ren, Kaiming He, Ross Girshick, Jian Sun. \
Faster R-CNN: Towards Real-Time Object Detection with \
Region Proposal Networks. NIPS 2015.
n_sample (int): The number of sampled regions.
pos_ratio (float): Fraction of regions that is labeled as a
pos_iou_thresh (float): IoU threshold for a RoI to be considered as a
neg_iou_thresh_hi (float): RoI is considered to be the background
if IoU is in
[:obj:`neg_iou_thresh_hi`, :obj:`neg_iou_thresh_hi`).
neg_iou_thresh_lo (float): See above.
def __init__(self,
pos_ratio=0.25, pos_iou_thresh=0.5,
neg_iou_thresh_hi=0.5, neg_iou_thresh_lo=0.0
self.n_sample = n_sample
self.pos_ratio = pos_ratio
self.pos_iou_thresh = pos_iou_thresh
self.neg_iou_thresh_hi = neg_iou_thresh_hi
self.neg_iou_thresh_lo = neg_iou_thresh_lo
def __call__(self, roi, bbox, label,
loc_normalize_mean=(0., 0., 0., 0.),
loc_normalize_std=(0.1, 0.1, 0.2, 0.2)):
"""Assigns ground truth to sampled proposals.
This function samples total of :obj:`self.n_sample` RoIs
from the combination of :obj:`roi` and :obj:`bbox`.
The RoIs are assigned with the ground truth class labels as well as
bounding box offsets and scales to match the ground truth bounding
boxes. As many as :obj:`pos_ratio * self.n_sample` RoIs are
sampled as foregrounds.
Offsets and scales of bounding boxes are calculated using
Also, types of input arrays and output arrays are same.
Here are notations.
* :math:`S` is the total number of sampled RoIs, which equals \
* :math:`L` is number of object classes possibly including the \
roi (array): Region of Interests (RoIs) from which we sample.
Its shape is :math:`(R, 4)`
bbox (array): The coordinates of ground truth bounding boxes.
Its shape is :math:`(R', 4)`.
label (array): Ground truth bounding box labels. Its shape
is :math:`(R',)`. Its range is :math:`[0, L - 1]`, where
:math:`L` is the number of foreground classes.
loc_normalize_mean (tuple of four floats): Mean values to normalize
coordinates of bouding boxes.
loc_normalize_std (tuple of four floats): Standard deviation of
the coordinates of bounding boxes.
(array, array, array):
* **sample_roi**: Regions of interests that are sampled. \
Its shape is :math:`(S, 4)`.
* **gt_roi_loc**: Offsets and scales to match \
the sampled RoIs to the ground truth bounding boxes. \
Its shape is :math:`(S, 4)`.
* **gt_roi_label**: Labels assigned to sampled RoIs. Its shape is \
:math:`(S,)`. Its range is :math:`[0, L]`. The label with \
value 0 is the background.
xp = cuda.get_array_module(roi)
roi = cuda.to_cpu(roi)
bbox = cuda.to_cpu(bbox)
label = cuda.to_cpu(label)
n_bbox, _ = bbox.shape
roi = np.concatenate((roi, bbox), axis=0)
pos_roi_per_image = np.round(self.n_sample * self.pos_ratio)
iou = bbox_iou(roi, bbox)
gt_assignment = iou.argmax(axis=1)
max_iou = iou.max(axis=1)
# Offset range of classes from [0, n_fg_class - 1] to [1, n_fg_class].
# The label with value 0 is the background.
gt_roi_label = label[gt_assignment] + 1
# Select foreground RoIs as those with >= pos_iou_thresh IoU.
pos_index = np.where(max_iou >= self.pos_iou_thresh)[0]
pos_roi_per_this_image = int(min(pos_roi_per_image, pos_index.size))
if pos_index.size > 0:
pos_index = np.random.choice(
pos_index, size=pos_roi_per_this_image, replace=False)
# Select background RoIs as those within
# [neg_iou_thresh_lo, neg_iou_thresh_hi).
neg_index = np.where((max_iou < self.neg_iou_thresh_hi) &
(max_iou >= self.neg_iou_thresh_lo))[0]
neg_roi_per_this_image = self.n_sample - pos_roi_per_this_image
neg_roi_per_this_image = int(min(neg_roi_per_this_image,
if neg_index.size > 0:
neg_index = np.random.choice(
neg_index, size=neg_roi_per_this_image, replace=False)
# The indices that we're selecting (both positive and negative).
keep_index = np.append(pos_index, neg_index)
gt_roi_label = gt_roi_label[keep_index]
gt_roi_label[pos_roi_per_this_image:] = 0 # negative labels --> 0
sample_roi = roi[keep_index]
# Compute offsets and scales to match sampled RoIs to the GTs.
gt_roi_loc = bbox2loc(sample_roi, bbox[gt_assignment[keep_index]])
gt_roi_loc = ((gt_roi_loc - np.array(loc_normalize_mean, np.float32)
) / np.array(loc_normalize_std, np.float32))
if xp != np:
sample_roi = cuda.to_gpu(sample_roi)
gt_roi_loc = cuda.to_gpu(gt_roi_loc)
gt_roi_label = cuda.to_gpu(gt_roi_label)
return sample_roi, gt_roi_loc, gt_roi_label