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IO library for Chainer to access various filesystem with unified API
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ChainerIO is an IO abstraction library for Chainer, optimized for deep learning training with batteries included. It supports

  • Filesystem API abstraction with unified error semantics,
  • Explicit user-land caching system,
  • IO performance tracing and metrics stats, and
  • Fileset container utilities to save metadata.


  • HDFS client and libhdfs for HDFS access
  • Python 3

Installation and Document build


$ git clone
$ cd chainerio
$ pip install .


$ cd chainerio/docs
$ make html
$ open build/html/index.html


$ cd chainerio
$ pip install .[test]
$ pytest

How to use

Please refer to the Documentation for more information about the usage. Also you can find some examples in examples directory for usage in Chainer training script examples.

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