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ChainerUI is a visualization and management tool for Chainer.


To install ChainerUI, use pip.

$ pip install chainerui

To install ChainerUI from source.

$ git clone
$ cd chainerui/frontend
$ npm install && npm run build && cd ..
$ pip install -e .
  • ChainerUI uses sqlite3 module which is included in the standard Python library. If Python is built from source, sqlite3 must be installed before building Python.
    • On Ubuntu, "libsqlite3-dev" must be installed before building Python ($ apt-get install libsqlite3-dev).
    • On Windows, install Visual C++ Build Tools with the Default Install setting before building Python.


  1. output log file with LogReport extension, see examples/log-file/
  2. output log file manually, see examples/log-file/
  3. post training logs via web API, see examples/web-api/

Quick start

Initialize ChainerUI database.

$ chainerui db create
$ chainerui db upgrade

Clone examples of train log and create a project.

$ git clone
$ cd chainerui

$ # create example project
$ chainerui project create -d examples/log-file -n example-project

$ # run ChainerUI server
$ chainerui server

Open http://localhost:5000/ and select "example-project", then shown a chart of training logs.

For more detailed usage, see getting started

Docker start

Get Docker container from DockerHub and start ChainerUI server. The container has installed ChainerUI module, setup a DB and a command to start the server.

$ # replace tag to the latest version number
$ docker pull chainer/chainerui:latest
$ docker run -d -p 5000:5000 --name chainerui chainer/chainerui:latest
$ # then ChainerUI server is running

Open http://localhost:5000/, shown empty project list. examples/web-api/ is an example to setup project and send logs via web API.

For more detailed usage, see getting started or web API

Browser compatibility

ChainerUI is supported by the latest stable version of the following browsers.

  • Firefox
  • Chrome


MIT License (see LICENSE file).


Any contribution to ChainerUI is welcome!

Run tests

Install "pytest" package and run test

$ pytest

Build client side JS

$ cd frontend
$ npm install
$ npm run build:watch