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Chainer on Google Colaboratory

Google Colaboratory now provides Chainer, CuPy and iDeep by default! Manual installation is no longer necessary.

Make sure to enable GPU (Runtime > Change runtime type > Hardware accelerator > GPU) on your notebook!

import chainer
Platform: Linux-4.14.65+-x86_64-with-Ubuntu-18.04-bionic
Chainer: 5.0.0
NumPy: 1.14.6
  CuPy Version          : 5.0.0
  CUDA Root             : /usr/local/cuda
  CUDA Build Version    : 9020
  CUDA Driver Version   : 9020
  CUDA Runtime Version  : 9020
  cuDNN Build Version   : 7201
  cuDNN Version         : 7201
  NCCL Build Version    : 2213
iDeep: 2.0.0.post3

You can still use the following snippet to install specific versions of Chainer & CuPy (with cuDNN) on Google Colaboratory.

!curl | CHAINER_VERSION="==5.1.0" CUPY_VERSION="==5.1.0" sh -


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